Short Story: When Darkness Falls

Prose bordering on poetry. So much more elegant than colonies of cells failing. Unless maybe youa consider this: -or-

The Cat's Write

When Darkness Falls

The sliding glass doors closed behind me and I stepped out into the crisp autumn air, the warmth of the hospital foyer dissipating. I glanced up at the flashing neon sign of a red cross, shrugging my coat tighter over my shoulders in the face of the misty rain falling from the heavens. The doctor had called earlier today requesting I be accompanied to my appointment by a loved one, but he could not have known I was alone in the world. His face had registered surprise at my solitary status, his eyes squinting in concern as he explained my predicament. My lack of despair at my diagnosishad beenalarming to both him and to me. Cancer. Three months. Most likely a painful death.

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