This Week in Astrology 3/5/17 to 3/12/17

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

Mars in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius 3/5/17

The planet Mars is on its way out of Aries, the sign it is exalted in, into a more passive and karmic sign of Taurus.  Before it leaves it makes one final aspect to Saturn (his buddy) in Sagittarius.  Mars has become a much wiser fighter thanks to the lessons it learned in Sagitarrius with Saturn, this transit is a reminder.  We must align our actions with our highest good, no more time to waste.   Continuing the pattern of breaking out of routines, everything should move smoothly now but any hiccups will be due to you not doing things aligned with your highest good.  Focus on the things…

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