Sky report: Venus goes retrograde 2017

Hermit Fool

Venus, lesser benefic, planet of love, beauty, relationships and feelings just went through ups and downs with exaltation and detriment. From Pisces to Aries, and now again in the time of her retrograde state she will be switching signs from Aries (detriment) to Pisces (exaltation).

It could almost be described with the feelings on drugs or alcohol, with exaltation it’s the peak of the feelings, and detriment is more like, uncomfortable feeling of morning when it’s all over, fun is no more, you start feeling very uncomfortable and just need some rest. That’s Venus in Aries, especially retrograde.

Retrograde planets always act a little bit strange. They’re more turned  inwards and not so much to the outside world. Venus is special. It’s concerned with our love affairs, relationships, sense of value, money, art, beautiful things in life and hedonism.  Interesting thing about Venus is that her retrograde stations form a…

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