Adding a touch of colour to your vibes

Holistic Transformation

Colour is all around us. Nature uses it, we use it. It can be used to portray and instil emotions and feelings within and around us. It unites us, it separates us. It guides us, it warns us. Nature communicates with us through colour, as do sometimes our physcial bodies- ever seen someone literally go red with rage or white with cold?

How do we interpret colour?

For light sources, which is known as additive colour, we use : Red, Green and Blue as primary colours. This is because they are the middle and ends of the visible light spectrum. Red is Long wavelength , Green is Medium wavelength, Blue is short wavelength. Infra Red and Ultra violet are the types of light that we can’t see with the physical eye. Our computer monitors, also using light use red, green and blue light mixes to give us the 17 million or…

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