Transneptunians continued (TNP)

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By Colleen Schmidt

The last article mentioned Cupido the TNP of relationships and associations.  These TNPs move slowly and in the case of Cupido can take 1 year to move less than one and a half degrees.  This means that it does not move much in a generation and all the people in that time period are experiencing a similar Cupido energy.  This will be true of whatever TNP we are discussing.  This means that Cupido will be very similar to all people in similar generations or age groups.

Cupido is something that will be strong in a marriage chart or the chart of an artist.  Those who have strong family connections or bonds can also be seen in the aspects of Cupido.  Just to give a few examples, the Sun conjunct Cupido is someone who is group or family or oriented and is very likely an artist or of…

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