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Venus Turns Retrograde in Aries (March 4, 2017 – April 15, 2017)

Bill Attride

Your Avatar of Value is turning around; your planet of love is going retrograde once again.

Of course, what is really happening is that, like on a circular race track, Venus is passing Earth on its “inside track”. Whereas Mercury will turn retrograde every 3.8 months for about 21 days, Venus turns retrograde every 19.2 months for about 40 days. (The last two times it turned were July 2015 and December 2013, and the next time will be in October 2018).

The gift of Venus retrograde is to take you on a journey within yourself so that you may reconsider your experience of value. You are offered a wonderful opportunity to refresh-renew-restore your relationship to beauty in the world, and to lovingly reaffirm your affections for one another. But this is all because the principle…

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