3 Reed / BEN – Recreating our World: Day 3

Jaguar Spirit


3 Reed/BEN

3 Reed/BEN

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 presents our first day of Movement in the Monkey/CHUEN trecena. Guided by Reed/BEN our awareness is drawn to a channel of communication that connects us with the Divine. The Reed glyph illustrates an altar by its horizontal line. The vertical columns above are like the hollow-tubes of Reed through which Spirit Descends for a Divine Communion. And below, the prayer mats illustrate our way of entering into relationship is by kneeling in Humility.

Through a mindset of Humility we are fully open to receive Divine Guidance. We are able to set our reasoning mind aside in surrender to the reality that we don’t have all the answers. We can accept our imperfection. Seeing how our own thinking is often flawed by the ego, we can let go of our attachment to perfection.

Our visit to an altar within is a…

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