The Sun in the Houses: Ever-Evolving Consciousness of Souls

Pisces Prince Astrology

The sun represents the spirit, the divine essence, the moon represents the soul (how we feel and react to the world on an instinctual level), and the rising sign represents the body and outer layer of the consciousness through which we project our energies outward into the world around us.

The rising sign encases the soul and the soul, in turn, encapsulates the spiritual essence of the sun. Each the moon and the ascendant serve as a mirror of sorts for the sun’s light. In other terms, we could consider the ascendant to represent the earth, the moon the waters, and the sun the luminary light that shines down upon them, and then the earth (ascendant) and waters (moon) reflect the light of the sun back out into the expanse of the heavens.  

In order to best understand the inner drive of the individual, the house placement of the…

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