Solar Eclipse NEW MOON in PISCES February 26th 2017

Isian Centre of Metaphysics

According to Mystic Mamma, the upcoming solar eclipse and new moon in Pisces is calling us to listen to the voice deep within the within.  A rebirth is unfurling us out from the depths, as we emerge from the underworld of emotion into new potentialities.

Astrologer, Sarah Varcasadvises that with “four planets in Aries and five in Pisces, this eclipse speaks of over-due endings and fresh starts”.  As such, “a  new way of being is in reach, born of wisdom gleaned from past experience and freedom from shackles that no longer bind.

“But these endings may not match our expectations, and if we’re waiting for the new to prove itself before letting go the old we may find ourselves frozen by fear, consumed by indecision or unhelpfully resistant to unavoidable change.  Which is why this eclipse requires an act of faith and a warrior spirit, all wrapped up…

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