Jupiter Uranus Cycle: Recent History Syncs

Jessica Davidson

We’re currently at the peak of the Jupiter Uranus cycle that began in 2010. The opposition alignment began last year and runs until 2018, and you can discover what has happened so far here. In this post, we’ll have a closer look at the last two cycles to get a feel for how things tend to play out during these times.

To recap, the Jupiter Uranus cycle correlates with times when we see more political and social rebellions and protests, revolutions demanding freedom and equality, breakthroughs and discoveries in science, innovations in technology, and new beginnings and awakenings in many areas.

The most important synchronicities tend to happen at the conjunctions and oppositions, but significant events can also occur at the squares, sextiles and trines. However, with the Jupiter Uranus cycle, if you include all the alignments, you end up with almost no gaps, as you can see in…

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