Vesta in Cancer & the Grand Cardinal Cross

5D Astrology

As part of the Grand Cardinal Cross occurring right now and through the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on Sunday (Feb 26) morning, Vesta is holding up one corner in the Sign of Cancer.

Vesta is an asteroid which I consider a 5D Planetary body. Vesta was named after the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome who were the sacred keepers of the hearth. They lived a very extraordinary life where they were to stay virgins, never marry or have children. They conducted themselves as their counterparts, the Priests. Theirs was a ‘saintly’ life for the greater good.

In your Natal Chart, Vesta shows the groups of people that you gravitate towards and surround yourself with from time to time (when aspected, of course). My Vesta is in Aquarius in my 9th House by Rising Sign. I used to say that over my life I was often the only  white woman in…

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