Mars energy on the move

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

This is MARS’ week to attack. The red planet is in full testosterone-fueled battle mode making aggressive square punches on his SCORPIO co-ruler Pluto today FEB. 22  at 18+ degrees ARIES/ CAPRICORN.  The urge to fight for freedom and to be quick to war and anger are equally strong. The shadows are out in the light fighting. The underlying message is of going to war for liberty and for total transformation of governments and the 1%  PLUTOCRACY.

Red Planet Mars


This is virtually Scorpio energies-extreme power and control issues; the War on Terrorism, on Immigrants, the right-wing backlash, Plutocracy, revenge, shadows, sex, S& M, money, terrorism, rape, deconstructions, death, rebirth, garbage, explosive, volcanic, radioactive energy. It is extremely volatile and you are notified to be on red alert for the next week.

If you have planets within 5 degrees of these two, 13-23 degrees and the other CARDINAL Signs of CANCER and LIBRA…

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