Seven of Wands

Terrible Tarot


The sky is a clear and sunny blue. An angry man stands at the edge of a cliff and uses a staff to fight off six more staffs. Are those other staffs acting on their own accord, or are invisible people holding them? In either case, why have six of them banded together to fight one man to the edge of a cliff? Is he holding the seventh staff captive? The man appears confident, despite his improbable odds. Does he know something we do not? Is he touched in the head?

In the end, the homicidal batons (or the invisible people holding them) will be victorious and seek another victim so that they may continue their whacking spree.

Right side up:

You will need to take a creative approach to defending yourself from invisible forces or enchanted objects. It is time to reassess your tactics. Fire works against wooden murder sticks…

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