Trump’s First House Leo Lunar Eclipse

Terry Mackinnell Vedic-Western Fusion Astrologer

The Leo full moon and lunar eclipse on 10 February 2017 (at 22 degrees Leo) strongly affected the middle two weeks (3 February – 17 February 2017) of the Aquarius lunar month (27 January – 26 February 2017).  The key issues clearly associated with this two week period surrounding the full moon and eclipse commenced with the judicial rejection of Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban, Ivanka Trump’s commercial problems, the resignation of Michael Flynn, the radical change in commitment to the two-state Israel-Palestine solution and finally the press conference, which according to some detractors, was the press conference to end all press conferences.

Travel Ban

Trump’s thinly disguised anti-Muslim travel ban commenced quickly upon the arrival of the Aquarius new moon on Friday 27th January 2017 but this 1st quarter moon development came to an end with the arrival of the 2nd quarter on Friday 3rd February…

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