Finally Met the Psychologist, David-Feb 16

We should lobby the Solar Fire developers to add the “Finger of Merlin” to their patterns available in the “Electional Search” part of the program.

5D Astrology

So the Transiting Planets are rather quiet this week as they make few aspects to one another, they are likely making aspects to YOUR Planets and Points and bringing up the ‘Rapid Change’ of the Solar Eclipse and other changes as Mars and Venus are both in Aries with new motivations and desires and the Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius the Sign of change.

The interesting part of it all right now is that our goal/purpose mind (Sun) and our planning mind (Mercury) are bringing up the rear as Mars and Venus both have got their new cycle marching orders after moving through Pisces.

But yesterday as Transiting Pluto is applying to Oppose my Natal Mars, he is also the apex of a Finger of Merlin that boomerangs back to my Natal Mars. A Finger of Merlin is comprised of 2 Planets or Points that form Biquintiles to a…

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