Reach for the moon!

Travelling Vegan Mystic


Moon signs are way more interesting to me than sun signs because they relate to our subconscious personalities and therefore may aid in understanding and self acceptance. Our sun sign characteristics are our default personality and able to be changed if so desired, yet those of our moon sign are rooted firmly and rather more complex.

At the time of my birth the moon was in Libra, the sign of balance, depicted by an image of weighing scales. This placement explains my obsessive love of immaculately ordered environments and undiluted loathing of one-sided friendships!

To find out your moon sign enter your date and time of birth at Research your deep astrological make up and have some “So that’swhy…!” moments.

As well as determining the ebb and flow of the sea, the moon has a profound bearing on humans since we contain an average of…

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