Lovers of a Lesser God

Crumble Cult

I hate being preachy, but I feel I might have crossed that line with the latest Crumbcast. I guess this stems from the fact that I’m finally ready to reveal what I really think when it comes to relationship and religion (with a dash of sexy sex thrown in for good measure). Of course, it’s not as if the world is breathlessly waiting for my opinions to be expressed! Certainly, I’m under no illusions about that. I’m really only doing this because I want to. If someone is willing to listen… then great!

Also, it’s only fair that I should warn my religious friends and readers that some of my views in this particular podcast may be quite offensive to them. Of course, I don’t feel it necessary to apologise for said views, but I do want to acknowledge the distress that they may cause. So, please do be aware that while I don’t take this lightly, I hope we can at…

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