Action Soon – Uranus and Saturn transiting IC/MC plus natal Mars and Uranus

emerging pattern

Until next spring I will have some intensive and complex transits over my IC/MC axis at 24° Aries/Libra with a natal Mars at 26° Aries and a natal Uranus at 26° Libra. The Mars Uranus opposition is the most exact aspect in my chart, it brings me lots of energy, but some trouble, too.

You can maybe imagine that I was not an easygoing kid, I revolted against everything. Over the years I am better in controlling this energy, the Uranus conjunction with my MC brought me job in an internet company, and I am doing weird art stuff in my “chosen” profession, so that fits well.

Uranus transiting my IC/Mars? No idea what he will bring.

My fourth house begins in Pisces in equal house system, and it fits better than Placidus with IC / fourth house in aries: I love green and wood and plants and peace and…

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