An Opportunity to Learn

Divination Counseling Service

Colleen Schmidt

We are coming to a time when the Sun and the South Node will meet.  For those who by birth, born around Feb 21st will be hit the hardest when South Node and the Sun come together.  But the rest of us will very likely feel this energy as well. The conjunction happens at 3 degrees of Pisces and at the very least those who are not directly affected are also not likely to have an energized day.  This is an energy that can feel oppressive.  Timing could be off maybe you or others will run late or not be able to make it at all when it comes to appointment or meetings.

Considering this is happening between two eclipses (the Lunar on Feb. 10th and the Solar on Feb. 26th) and the eclipses are asking us to grow up and to evolve as…

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