Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Feb 10th, 2017

Lindsey DePeri-Franz

The first major astrological event of 2017 is coming up this Friday evening, bringing a powerful energetic transition AND the sweetness of an astrological pentagram bringingadditionalfavourable aspects!

Each full moon represents an energetic culmination, that can manifest as things ‘coming to completion’ in our lives. Emotions can be heightened at the time of the full moon, bringing drama, conflicts or confrontation to a head. Lunar eclipses also generally involve relationships and transformation. This could signify couples being brought more closely together for example, or bringing relationships to an end (if they are not meant to be). The effects of the lunar eclipse can start to be felt 4 to 6 weeks leading up to the actual eclipse date, so you may have been feeling intense emotions or pressure building over this time (since around the beginning of January) which are culminating now.

The lunar eclipse can propel…

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