OMG I’m in bed with Uranus!!!!

Joanna-Kate Grant

One morning you wake up, and find that you are in bed with a major Uranus Transit. All of a sudden you get an overwhelming feeling that you need to bale out of your life, like NOW. What had seemed perfectly acceptable,  as you plodded along, pretty much OK with what you were doing, now seems totally ludicrous. You look into the mirror and barely recognise yourself… where did you go? Who is that? Where is the life you wanted? You suddenly realise that you are being left behind. You need to break out, set yourself free, try something new, get a breath of fresh air, and GET AWAY from all this shit. Sudden and painful revelations start to cascade upon you as you grab your jacket and run out of the door.

If you have been resisting change in any area of your life until now, Uranus is the…

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