Tuesday 07/02/2017

Journey by the sea

Tuesday 7th February, 2017.

The Moon goes into wonderful Cancer.

Mercury moves into  Aquarius.

The Moon goes into wonderful Cancer today and we see Mercury move out of grounded Capricorn and go into forward thinking Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant , its beautiful and fantastic.Mercury in Aquarius is so happy and comfortable in this planetary position , your thoughts will be free-flowing today, you will be able to find inspiration all around you ,you will be able to think outside the box and your connections with others will be strong. Communication today is much clearer and very focused compared to yesterday, you can find yourself having the time and space to be innovate , you will have new ideas and create some extraordinary and beautiful projects.Inspiration will be all around you today. Just watch out for the shadow side of Mercury in Aquarius. We can tend to be over…

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