The Jupiter Uranus Cycle: Archetypes and History

Jessica Davidson

The Jupiter Uranus cycle correlates with times in world history characterised by breakthroughs and discoveries in science, innovation in technology, creative and philosophical awakenings and new ideas, revolutions and increasing demands for freedom and equality, political and social rebellions, protests, and new beginnings in many areas.


The most obvious synchronicities of historical events tend to happen at the beginning of each cycle at the conjunction, and at the peak with the opposition, although the squares can be powerful too. The whole cycle recurs every 14 years, and each alignment within the cycle lasts about 14 months, sometimes less. For more on how this works read: Astrological Cycles & the Collective

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that we’re currently experiencing an alignment between Jupiter and Uranus – an opposition. We’ll have a closer look at that in another post, because first we need to understand the archetypes involved in…

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