Event Chart: Astrology of Amanda Stavick

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Introduction to the Amanda Stavick Case

In 1989 Amanda Stavik left her mom’s house to go for a jog. She was found a few days later raped and deceased in the southern fork of the Nooksack River. Amanda’s unsolved murder has haunted my community for 27 years. The day Mandy went missing I was 10 years old and right down the road from where she was last seen.

I was visiting my great aunt and cousins. There was something said over the radio, and I looked at my aunt because she made a strange sound when she heard the news. Her face said it all, hand over her mouth, and her face all scrunched up I knew something awful happened. She knew it was a bad deal, things like that didn’t happen in Deming.

My cousins and I? We weren’t worried. Both of my cousins went to Baker with Mandy…

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