Mars in Aries

Ruby, do you want to edit & focus more on the upcoming Eclipse rather than last week’s NM?

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Mars in Aries


Mars the planet that rules our passion, anger, and our drive has shifted into go get ’em fiery Aries today. And the energy is strong out there folks! So pay attention and breathe often if need be, we can get through this together.

I was going to wait to post about this due to the strong New Moon energy coming in tonight and also the Chinese New Year starts today! But judging by what I have been seeing today, I feel it’s a good time to prepare everyone and educate them about this energy that is just barely starting, so it’s rough at first yet, but it will lessen in intensity as we go along.

But this is the planet of War folks in its own sign of Aries the Warrior, which gives it some serious kick! This is very raw energy. It causes tension…

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