Astrology Update: February 2017

A Fool's Inclination

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. From where I’m sitting, it seems the NFL championship has been taking a back seat to other battles of late.

In my post called Happy 2017!, I mentioned a few bits of information I would like to revisit. At that time, Mercury was still retrograde.

In the fourth paragraph, I spoke of Mercury and the moon. I then wrote: “By this view, 2017 will start with some introspection and review…of all of 2016, but most especially this past month.”

In the next paragraph, I wrote: “Saturn squared Chiron last evening just a bit later. This highlighted unhealed wounds that need some TLC.”

In the sixth paragraph, I mentioned this: “On January 8th, when Mercury stations direct, we’ll have all planets moving forward simultaneously. How’s that for an indication of forward progress?”

Well, as of just past midnight tonight, that period of all-planets-moving-forward…

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