New Desires & Magic – Feb2-4

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Thursday morning, we will feel like we either want to communicate too much or too little. Friday, just after noon, we have some magical sexual or sharing attraction followed by a bit of irritation in our expressions.

NOTE: On Friday, we are one week from the Lunar Eclipse that occurs at 22:28 Leo at 7:32pm Feb 10. This is your emotional reset to get over any feelings that have been dragging you down. You may be sensing what that is already.

At 10:15am on Thursday, Mercury at 23:07 Capricorn Squares Jupiter at 23:07 Libra.

Here there is a risk of exaggeration or not wanting to talk much. You may find yourself trying to relate to any authority figure and this tends to create the situational comedy of stammering or tight-lipped or saying more than you should. Not much harm either way. You could be the one trying to…

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