Moon Phase New Moon + 6 days Lunar Cycle Today

Riding Moon Cycles

NM+6. The lunar cycle today is 6 days after the New Moon. View the waxing crescent moon in the evening.


NM+6 Moon phase and Emotions

Find it easy now to let go of a negative emotion or attitude, if you were not able to do it last week.

Know that you have chosen your project well and move ahead with confidence.

Feel the beginning of victory just ahead.

NM+6 Moon phase and Mind

If you have been hiding under the covers, it’s time to come out and play. The world is waiting to see you!

Go, do, be, work, play. For those who find that expressing themselves comes naturally, this will be a very pleasant time. You are in your element.

If not, at the very least, make room for new adventures and consider adding new activities to your life. The way you think and feel could change and that…

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