Card of the Day – The Emperor – Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

I have noticed that, although the decks were different for each month, and shuffled very well, that this week we are seeing some repeats from recent days. If indeed you catalog your days in some manner, take a look back at how you felt on January 28 and what was taking place…this is a continuation. Remember, I said the Emperor serves as a protector among other things. Nothing can find its way past him, and that is quite possibly a good thing.

While you have come so far in this past year, over and above the trials since 2012, this card is what is needed to assure you the secure base you need to rebuild your life. If the Tower represents the implosion and the crumbling structure, the Emperor is the rock-solid structure, so his appearance in less than a week is a good indicator you are making good use…

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