Dreams of Desire 49 (Union Libre)


union-libre-poem-by-andr-breton-embossed-in-braille-on-a-photograph-leon-ferrari-wikiartorg-1403439602_org1 Leon Ferrari-Union Libre 2004 Quite by chance (regulars readers will know how highly I regard thar particular concept, after all a throw of the dice will never abolish chance) I came upon this beautifulwork by Leon Ferrari, a photograph embossed in Braille with one of my favourite poems, Andre Breton’s magnificentFree Union(click link to view English translation). The photograph with the mirror reflecting is reminiscent of Man Ray (Dreams of Desire 25 (Return to Reason), Brassai (Dreams of Desire 47 (Brassai)and the many photographers who engaged with Golden Age Surrealism: at once sensual, elusive and utterly mysterious.

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