1/29 Horoscope

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Today is a very intense mental day. If you find that your mind either breaks down and rebuild, or you mentally focus on the area’s of your life where you have broken down to rebuild, focus on this. There is a lot of change coming your way, and it’s all in your hands and the type of perspective you keep. Early on, there’s some good energy for laying down some foundations for future security. If you get the chance to capitalize on this, take advantage. Maybe even connect with some unique people to help you in the process. A little before noon, the emotional energy will shift into something much more dreamer and private. Take time to turn inward when you can. Reflect on yourself and connect with your soul. It’ll really do you some good.

  • Capricorn Mercury conjunct Capricorn Pluto
  • Aquarius Moon sextile Sagittarius Saturn
  • Moon enters Pisces, 11:11…

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