Year of the Fire Rooster

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Year of the Fire Rooster
By Ruby


On January 27, 2017, the Chinese Zodiac will shift once again from the intense “Year of the Monkey” into the meticulous “Year of the Fire Rooster.” The Fire Rooster will bring a whole new and different energy. “Wake Up,” says the Fire Rooster! The Rooster is sounding the alarm for all us to be more alert and aware, hear it crowing!
Honestly, the world is in great need of healing, and that means lots of love needs to be spread around. So when you think of a Rooster you don’t think happy, loving thoughts. Rooster energy is hot-tempered, self-entitled, selfish, and arrogant, but don’t dismay because even though Rooster energy is about folks showing off, if we can look past the facade, this energy isn’t competitive or tricky like the Fire Monkey energy we just coming out of. Now in 2017, people will…

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