Moon Phase New Moon + 1 day

Riding Moon Cycles

NM+1. It’s one tender day after the New Moon in the lunar cycle today. Are you lucky enough to view the teeniest crescent that appears for a few minutes in the west at sunset?


NM+1 Moon phase and Emotions

It is okay to feel a little vulnerable while you consider the details of what to do next. They will probably change a little bit by next week.

For now, enjoy the sense of anticipation, if there are no new ideas. Consider instead that what you see is the direct result of daily thought patterns. Choose to be the person you want to be. The object of the game is to do, with the intention of finding something wonderful.

NM+1 Moon phase and Mind

Remember what it feels like to start out on a long trip?

When I was young we would drive to grandmother’s house, three states away. We planned…

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