New Moon & New Motivations-Jan27

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Around noon on Friday our subconscious desires will be stressed by the need for truth or accountability. Around dinnertime (EST) our feelings will be in sync with our goals and our passions will magically allow us to merge with another. By 12:45am on Saturday you may be up for anything but sleep 😉

At 12:50pm Venus at 24:13 Pisces Squares Saturn at 24:13 Sagittarius.

This aspect brings in both Karmic Planet energies (Saturn and Neptune, which rules Pisces) and the 2 Healing Planets (Venus and Jupiter which rules Sagittarius). That is something to be grateful for as Saturn restricting Venus’ desires never goes down very well. But we have some added assistance so it may be as simple as telling the truth, facing the truth or resolving the Karma. We are still working on birthing our new desires so this aspect may serve to keep us on track with…

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