Adjusted Desires & Unexpected Gratitude-Jan 2

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Early Thursday our desires make an adjustment to our relating-ship needs. By late afternoon we get some unexpected clarity around the source of those ‘rumors’ and other deeply felt distortions with others.

At 3:02am Venus at 22:57 Pisces Quincunx Jupiter at 22:57 Libra.

Venus rules Libra here so even though an adjustment must be made, it will be done with grace and diplomacy. It may be that this is simply an internal, subconscious adjustment you make that allows you to continue deeply relate. Our old desires are still dissolving and this adjustment will help us to begin to realize new desires that need to be brought into our conscious reality.

At 3:15pm the Sun at 7:05 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 22:05 Pisces.

Here the clarity may come to your as a flash of lightning or something out of the blue. But it will allow you to see how this…

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