The Journey Continues – Magickal Ethics

Journey to the Center of the Mind

Magick 2

“An ye harm none, do what ye will.” is the one and only Law of Wicca. What exactly does that mean? On the surface it looks pretty obvious. The truth is, it can mean different things to different people. I had one student ask if that meant we even had to watch everything we said so it didn’t offend anyone. Oh, my! That would have us being mind-readers 24/7, trying to figure out what offended whom or else we would never open our mouths and say anything for fear of unintentionally hurting someone’s feelings in one way or another.

Did you notice I said “unintentionally”. Whether we’re talking about what we say, do, or the magick that we work, it’s all about intention. If you’re intention, magickal or otherwise, isn’t to purposely harm someone and that person or persons take offense, you aren’t responsible. You are only responsible for what…

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