4 Eagle / MEN – Destiny of Human: Day 4

Jaguar Spirit


4 Eagle/MEN

4 Eagle/MEN

Greetings Kin,

On Tone 4, Eagle/MEN will establish our stability through a Higher Vision. Eagle/MEN is said to be able to determine the potential for success by being able to see to the distant horizon. Eagle will carry us to the heavenly realms to see the Vision of our Destiny as it was born in the Mind of the Creator.

Our ability to carry on and to Manifest the Blessing we reach for, requires us to be Anchored by Love. Eagle’s Love is expressed through Service as an Intermediary and Protector.

Our Hearts are opened by Higher Love when we receive the Protection of Another. We sense the Truth of our Unity and Wholeness by a provision made for us at a personal level.

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