Moon Phase Last Quarter + 4 days

Riding Moon Cycles

LQ+4. Balsamic. It is 4 days after the Last Quarter moon in the moon cycle. In the afternoon be sure to look up to find the crescent moon in the sky.


LQ+4 Moon phase and Emotions

The push to achieve may seem like an empty cup. The sense of emptiness stems from letting go of the parts of you that have outlived their usefulness.

This process can feel painful because we are taught to hold on at all costs. It is not fun to say goodbye, but it is not farewell to everything.

Think of it more as a gentle release, weeding out the closet, getting rid of a few extra paint brushes that you no longer need. Emphasize rest to restore balance.


LQ+4 Moon phase and Mind

If you are worn out from trying to keep up with yourself and your plan, let go of the urge to…

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