Vast, Transformational Change and Seizures

5D Astrology

If you know any early 20-somethings (about 21-24 right now), you need to pay close attention to the energies that are already impacting them, but that will be especially ACUTE for many of them this next year. They are the ‘Transformers.’

We are in the Era of the Transformers as I have been writing for more than a year. In fact, on Mar 8, 2016 I mentioned that the Solar Eclipse on that date signaled the beginning of a 2-year window when these Transformers would be going through Vast, Transformational Change. They will CHANGE our shared REALITY!

The 2 Part Video Series on my YouTube channel by the same name, ‘Vast, Transformational, Change, Part 1 and Part 2‘ explain the Astrological energies and significance of this 2-year window and how it will affect this change for all of us via the personal changes of this age group and…

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