The Swearing In Ceremony

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inauguration_cartoon_ben_garrisonInauguration day is here. The mainstream media, Hollywood, many politicians and the SJWs remain in a protracted sulk.

CNN continued their non-stop Trump bashing the night before the inauguration. They said Trump had better not try to bully the political establishment because they would be pushing back. They drummed up fear and implied Trump might start nuclear war. Even the weatherman claimed Trump’s hair could get rained on—thus revealing whether it’s fake or not. Well, we know what’s fake already: The mainstream media.
The CNN panelists then proceeded to vigorously kiss Obama’s backside. They called him another Gandhi. Yes, a man who dropped more bombs than any other president in history was compared to Mahatma. They called him a ‘philosopher president’ because he read books while in office. He should be known as the golfer president.
Obama claimed he ran a ‘scandal free’ administration and CNN eagerly parroted that. It…

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