Productive Attraction – Jan 20

5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Friday morning we will have some positive results around our attractions or money availability.

At 8:57am Venus at 17:37 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 17:37 Capricorn.

This is a healthy kind of attraction aspect. You could be using your own resources and sharing resources productively. You are able to avail yourself to intimacy with another without any hesitation. This is the opening aspect of the current Venus/Pluto cycle.

Venus was Conjunct Pluto on Nov 25, 2016. This started a new cycle between these 2 Transiting Planets. What happens Friday morning will reveal a bit about what is ahead this next year between our desires/attractions and our personal resources in relation to our intimacy and shared resources. Just a minor aspect, but a productive one.

It is important to note that Pluto is in new territory as he has left his Retrograde shadow which ended at 17:29 Capricorn. So the…

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