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For reasons that are ENTIRELY unclear to me, my main blog “Grandtrines” has been suspended for “Violations of Terms of Service.”  Precisely what this means remains unclear as I write this.  If you like my material, both the reblogs and the occasional piece that I write myself, I would appreciate it if you contact the WordPress support team and request that Grandtrines be re-instated.  (Otherwise, the service that I provide will not be able to continue.)

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    1. Grandtrines Post author

      Yes, we have discussed this before. Not sure who or what, and I am avoiding the temptation to blame anyone actually at WP. Someone else I chat with indicated that external spammers / hackers have found ways to trigger the bots / suspensions against innocent parties that they target. (You probably recall that I had problems back in November, too.) And, I agree: very shady!


    1. Grandtrines Post author

      Partially back online, but still messy. The dashboard is back, but I cannot directly update the front page. I can indirectly update it from the dashboard. Still cannot do a page view from the dash board (have to use a separate browser, not logged in). I think someone helped, but it is still not quite back yet. Yes, very weird!

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  2. John Jr

    Hello Grandtrines,

    I had this happen to my blog once years ago, I think that someone reported my blog as spam because of all the pingbacks that were probably being sent out back when I was using Zemanta’s related links feature to add related links to my posts when used to have Zemanta integrated on , and so I contacted about it ( or if that email address is still active), and they fixed it in a few hours so I recommend contacting

    Someone possibly reported your blog as spam and/or maybe the Akismet system did, probably because of too much reblogging and reblogging from too many accounts, which someone and/or Akismet probably thought was too spam-like or bot-like or something.

    I avoid reblogging usually, I prefer to create a post manually instead to help avoid things like this, and I do not like some of the ways that reblogs work on

    Good luck,

    -John Jr

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