Monday 16/1/17

Journey by the sea

Monday 16th January , 2017

The Moon is in Virgo.

Mars  conjoin with Chiron in Pisces.

Mars semi square with Saturn.

Good Morning happy Monday.  This week we will be feel some intense energies around as we see Mars squaring with Saturn along with a Chiron and Mars conjunction. The Moon continues to transit in helpful, health conscious Virgo all day.

Mars is speaking with Saturn this week in a type of conversation that astrologers like to call square. This type of conversation will be intense  and that of motivation. Mars is the planet of action, the planet that drives us, motivates us, Mars energy is all about fighting for what we wan, and going out there and making it happen. Mars provides us the opportunity to know what we want , who we are and gives us the power to act on this from a place of personal truth. Now Saturn is…

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