Motivational Awareness and Wounding – Jan15&16

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Mars afternoon on Sunday, we can have some unexpected motivations or an unexpected male encounter that helps us along. On Monday night that same male (or motivation), or another male, could cause us some Soulful pain.

At 2:29pm on Sunday Mars at 20:42 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 20:42 Aries.

Here our subconscious motivations can unexpectedly help us pursue our path to freedom. If you have been getting any headaches because you are not taking Uranus’ flashes of insight and acting on them, this aspect could help you to resolve those headaches by acting without thinking at all. Or a ‘man’ could help you by acting from a subconscious place where he sees what you need help with before you can act.

At 9:14pm on Monday night Mars at 21:39 Pisces Conjuncts Chiron at 21:39 Pisces.

Here our new motivation or actions could bring up a bit of pain. Or…

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