1/15/17 Horoscope

Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

The self improvement energy of the day flows greatly with your mental focus on the future and what all you have done to prepare for some kind of sense of security, whatever that may mean for you. It may also be a great day to connect with another person on a soul level. If you find yourself feeling disillusioned however, try your best to work in your understanding of reality without losing sight of your unconditional love energies. You may be feeling fiercely independent, but any work you put in on the relationship front will be much appreciated, so don’t be afraid of compromise. As long as you keep in mind all sides, it should do everyone involved some good.

  • Virgo Moon trine Capricorn Mercury
  • Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune
  • Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Venus


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