Hotels And The 10th House

Kaye James

mercuryLast night, I found myself wondering if an incident that occurred around the Christmas holiday was indicated in any previous Horary charts. I find that to be the case usually, so I looked at a few charts. Not only did I find indicators, but I learned that the 10th house may represent hotels.

I saw something else that surprised me during my Astrological investigation last night. It has to do with location and career. I will discuss that topic in another post.

December 22, 2016

I was laying on top of a comforter on a queen-sized bed in a hotel room, with my right arm between my body and the comforter, relaxed and nearly dozing off. My right forearm started to itch. I sat up and scratched where it was itching. I began to feel that I itched in more than one spot. I felt a sick feeling in my…

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