7 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Spirit Revival: Day 7

Jaguar Spirit


7 Serpent / CHICCHAN 7 Serpent / CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

The trecena of Storm/CAUAC serves the Higher Intention of raising an Empowerment of Spirit. Tones 1 through 6 initiated new Spiritual Growth by summoning a Leap of Faith. The Energy of Lightning nourished our Seed of Intention to Grow. We made our way to the top of a pyramid by following a Light that Shines in Darkness.

Tone 7 is our place of Divine Balance. Like the Pause between Breaths, this is the place of Consciousness where we see the Evidence of Accomplishment. The energy of number 7 represents the overcoming of an obstacle and the attainment of success. What has been invested by Faith is positioned to return a Blessing.

Serpent/CHICCHAN is the Day Sign that ignites us with “Lightning in the Blood.” Serpent is the substance of Life Force that exists in our Universe Within. Like Storm/CAUAC, the…

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