On Falling Off- a rambling post about endings, beginnings, mothers and the Goddess

A Howling Witch

My practice is irregular at best. There are periods of intense focus, work, and growth punctuated by periods of stagnation or just silence. I love feeling productive and devoted on my path, but I cannot “fake” the feelings during periods when they just aren’t there. A lot has changed in the last 7 months.

Last we spoke, I was working individually with a long distance teacher in an initiatory tradition, still firmly devoted to the Loba, even though more quietly so, and dealing with a lot of personal ick as a way of growing. It was difficult and uncomfortable, but I was pushing and I felt good about it. Then over the summer I had a wedding, quickly became pregnant, and suddenly lost the woman who mothered me most of my life.

As an unconventional bride, the wedding wasn’t more than a happy distraction from bigger life things, a chance to…

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