Full Moon Review :January 2017 ‘Deal or no deal’ Moon!

Holistic Transformation

Full Moon Report: 12 January 2017 | Moon in: Cancer | Time :11:34 AM(UTC)

Welcome to the first full moon review of the year, falling on the twelfth day of the year. Welcome to the moon being full in Cancer whilst sitting opposite a sun very much in Capricorn.

January’s Full Moon is at 22° in the sign of Cancer, meaning there’s two Cardinal heavyweight signs going head to head with each other… No, wait! Make that all four(!) as there is a Grand Cross formed as Jupiter and Uranus join in the showing. Jupiter is in Libra (helpful) and Uranus is in Aries (umm, maybe helpful?!). Grand Crosses are always a sign of major disruption and tension, possibly the Cardinal one’s are the strongest to deal with as, well, they’re all Cardinal signs fighting for supremacy as to how they influence us and our surroundings.

Jupiter vs Uranus…

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