Cancer Full Moon & Grand Cross ~ Polarities expanding our consciousness



Cancer Full Moon & Grand Cross ~ Polarities expanding our consciousness

This Full Moon in Cancer is a challenging one! Although its a Cancer Full Moon it is, in fact, happening on Gemini Constellation, more specifically on the twin stars Pollux and Castor. This makes this event, all about opposite energies. The twin stars represent them selves the conflict, the anger and constant disagreement.
These two brothers have lived in conflict and war since… forever… and they still battle! they are complete opposites and they fight the inner battle which reflects all our inner battles and consequently is manifested in the world`s reality through all conflicts between brothers… for we are all brothers! nations, tribes, families…
The simple fact of this being a Cancer Full Moon is also showing us opposites, because Moon in Cancer pull us inside of ourselves. But the Sun in Capricorn pushes us to work the…

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